Электроинструмент Makita по низким ценам
knee surgery



The company Fornai is located within the RIBOBOLI farm in the area between Castelfiorentino and Cambiano. The name “Tenuta Riboboli” comes from a small stream that ran through the entire area. This river was enlarged in 400 to reclaim the marshy area of granocchiaia, thus becoming fertile soil suitable for cultivation. This is the reason for which it was given the name of the farm (or seal). The oldest historical traces of the farm are contained within a deed of 400, a copy of which can be read on the wall at the Fornai Ltd. “RIBOBOLI” is the name found within this document to indicate the land crossed by the river, and in 1425 it was bought for the cultivation of cereals and grapes. In the 30s CESARE FORNAI, sharecropper of Gambassi, buy the farm Riboboli by the Marquis Pucci, former owners of the farm in Cambiano, thus becoming, many years later, the landowner. In those years commencing an agricultural activity of our company that is based primarily on the production of wine. Today, thanks to the enormous sacrifices made in the early years of the winery, we can consider the FORNAI SRL a showpiece of traditional Tuscan winemaking.